Frequently Asked Questions

Is the build cost negotiable? 

Our build cost is based on the inclusions listed on our website, however the total cost can be adjusted by making amendments. For example, if you would like to delete items or choose to complete your own landscaping or flooring, you will be credited for this. Alternatively, if you should choose to upgrade any areas of your build, for example the façade, appliances or ceiling heights, additional costs will be incurred. The build cost will be fixed once all factors are determined.

What are the HIDDEN costs?

We offer a transparent pricing system and genuinely include items you need or have specifically requested.  Other costs not associated with the build that you should allow for include Bank fees/charges and covering the cost of a mortgage during the build process. Speak to your lender regarding these costs and how they can be minimised. We do not hide costs and will be upfront regarding your build at all times.

Why should I build with OneBuild Homes?

OneBuild Homes is committed to providing options and flexibility for our clients. We will allow you to make changes to your plans and inclusions and will advise any costs involved in a completely transparent way. We ensure that you are only presented with a fixed price contract so that you can be completely certain of the total cost, before you commit. We are absolutely devoted to helping you find the right package to suit your needs, whilst preventing a budget blowout. OneBuild Homes will guide you through the process to make building your ideal home as seamless, easy and most enjoyable as possible.

Does One Build have a display home we can look through?

As a member of the Independent Builders Network we have display homes in various locations of Queensland. At OneBuild Homes we love to show our clients privately through existing jobs and projects currently in progress. You will get a true feel of an actual job. Seeing the inclusions is simple as all the products are clearly documented with model numbers and can be easily accessed and viewed by consulting with our sales manager. We will make an appointment for you to view current jobs early in the process with the builder.

You will have a professional colour selection session in our unique studio with a professional consultant when the time arises.